DQuid is a professional IoT platform enabling connected business: connect your objects and develop amazing connected apps using our technology.


Use our Reference Design Kit (available soon online) to create a connected product or buy the DQuid IO to connect an existing one.
Our hardware uses industry-grade components and support multiple connectivity interfaces; both wireless, such as Blueetooth (BLE and 2.1), NFC and 2G/3G, and wired (CAN, K, serial, A/D, etc).
Need a custom quote? Drop us a line at info@dquid.com

DQuid SDK abstracts the internal object complexity, so you have to know nothing about its internal protocol languages. Working with semantic classes for objects and properties, you’ll easily port the same code over multiple object inside the same App.

Take a tour on our blog to get started with DQuidIO.
Let your objects be connected and be part of the “fourth industrial revolution”:

Share your object with the community, so other developers can help you to create your connected App. Have a look at the objects already shared: dev.dquid.com .

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